Through The halls of Amenti, Because she told me too

She was murdered for her money, power and status, pretty much in that order. Her sister wanted everything she had. She plotted on her life, and came together with 6 more people, who felt greed and wanted to steal from her. Especially if they could get away with it. The beast was away, so who would ever find out?

She never stopped loving you, she never forgot you and she never left you.

They plotted to end her life, but first they were going to use her abilities to manifest, so that they could get what ever they wanted. Her power, her money and her status in the community. Her sister wanted to cloak herself in her energy by becoming her. Copying her and play in her energy, as she kept her prison in her mind. By drugs and medication, she left her mind, not remember her love or who she was. Or the life she was suppose to have. She couldn´t remember anything about her past. Killing her softly before the real kill.

She tells me that one day she woke up and had a husband and a son she never seen before. She had a life she didn´t remember and people she didn´t know in her house. She came into a bad shape quickly, from all medication they forced her to take, for her own good.

He came into her room on day with a gun in his hand, she looked up at this korean/caucasian man, posing as her husband, holding a gun in her face, and he shoot her without blinking. There were blood everywhere as she fell to the table with her head and lost her consciousness. She was dead.

She was burried on your grounds, your land, not far from the big mansion. Somewhere along the tree lines she tells me. Her sister became her and played the role as her in the community, changing her look more and more. She believed she could pull it off. She didn´t count on God saying NO.

She tried to make you aware, of her. You felt her but you thought she was just in your energy missing you, but she wanted your attention, so that you would realize something was wrong. You didn´t hear her.

You kept a container with her clothing or cloth, it has her scent. If you would let blood dogs smell it, and let them free on your grounds, they would find her remains quickly!

Her sister plays the role of her, but she is off in her energy. I helped your love, cut the soul ties, that they attached to her.

Eva Paradis

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