Pet healing drink IT WORKED!

Trying out my healing abilities that God gave me on my dog was something I wanted to do.Despite all the attacks I had on me, trying to end me and block my financial and work, he had an infection in his eyes for a long time.I won’t go into my story today, but I went through a healing with God and reached a very high frequency and was gifted with abilities to help the earth heal.Changed the structure and tested it.After a week I forgot about it, and one day when we were playing around he came up close to me with his eyes and the redness was almost gone.It was hard for me to believe what I saw.When I looked at him for a long time, the redness had almost disappeared.With each passing day, I noticed that he seemed to be able to see better as we walked outside.I kept doing it for weeks, and today 4-5 weeks later, he is 90% better.I think that’s pretty cool.The healing drink is helping him heal an infection in his eye. I t is extremly costly to take the pets to the veterinarian in my country and i just couldn´t get the money to be enough to have a session. It often ends at 500 dollars or even more.

He had these red eyes for years, so it would not dissapear one day.

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