Heather Kelley Back from the dead – FBI missing List

She returned from the dead to tell her story. This will allow her killer to be caught and her family to find closure. This was my first case, and it was God’s will. As her last good-bye, Heather wrote a letter to her family.

As a result of the case’s rich details and information, it seems possible that her case will be re-opened.

In order to bring peace to missing people, Eva Paradis taps into the afterlife. Eva is known for her ability to travel not only through time, but also through dimensions. Her ability to connect and hear the victims clearly is imperial for any relatives left, to be able to heal and find justice for the victims.

Eva created The List with connecting to many victims, from the FBI missing person list.  To get your invidual information. Please go through each information page, on this site, for more details.