The Alter Ego of a Twin Flame

For many women around the world, I have created something absolutely amazing.

During your twin flame journey, you will be drawn to different phases and receive different messages from your spiritual guides and The Creator.It is a spiritual journey.You cannot embark on this journey if you are not a free spirit.If this happens, you will be stuck between phases of twin flames.As a result, you do not progress further in the phase.You can raise your vibration and become ready for something greater if you are obedient and take part in these skills that spirit wants to teach you.

Do you recognize yourself in that description? Here’s what you need to know

Every month and sometimes even every 14 days. What number sequences appeal to you? Along with other significant sequences, these are extremely important in the process. Using these notebooks, monthly calendars and activation sequences, you will be able to keep track of what these spiritual teachers want you to absorb, what attracts you, and how far you have come. It’s about activation, and I’ve created something incredibly beautiful to trigger it. Your twin flame shares your energy with you. As soon as you are activated, you help him/her ”speed up”. Every couple is at a different developmental stage or frequency. It is not to be taken lightly that the cooperation of two twin flames can change our entire planet. You are expected to do a lot. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to handle this and cannot unite with their loved one. This is a fact. Those who can, can use my tools to understand more easily what is happening to them, and be able to help their partner on the energy path to grow.

You will find the calendars and note books in my amazon store, and the important extra activation sequence in my spiritual shop very soon.